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Roundstone Van Centre offers a complete servicing and repair service for all makes and models of vehicles, from  cars & vans to motorhomes & even trailers. Whether you need a specialist repair and want to go somewhere that can look after your vehicle, or you have a fleet of vehicles that require repairs and servicing on a regular basis, we can help you. To find out more, speak to a member of our team today.

What Services do we offer?

• Servicing (All makes & Models)

• MOTs – Class 4 & 7 

• Brakes and emissions testing

• Diagnostics – Autel and Snap on

• Air Conditioning Servicing & repairs R1234A & 1234YF

• Timing Belt/Chain Replacements

• Engine and gearbox removal and fitting

• Clutches

• Brakes & Suspension repairs

• Tyre Fitting & Balancing

• MOT welding

• MOT failure work

• Pre-mot checks – we’ll give you a genuine assessment of what is likely to fail when your MOT is due, allowing you to plan when to have the work done and avoiding being without an MOT

• Exhaust/Catalyst replacements & DPF regeneration (subject to soot content)

• Collection and delivery service with courtesy vehicles available


Roundstone Van Centre's experienced team of Technicians provide complete services for types of vehicles. Whether you’re driving an old manual, or an automatic fresh off the showroom floor, we are here for you. Our car servicing can resolve minor problems and help your vehicle to run as smoothly as possible.

The benefits of regular servicing:

• The cost of repairs is reduced throughout the car's lifetime

• Improved vehicle reliability

• Reduced vehicle downtime

• Cheaper than paying out for unforeseen breakdowns

• Improved vehicle safety

• Potentially better fuel efficiency, saving you money

• Improved product life for items like tyres and brakes


• Class 4 MOT's £49 Class 7 MOT's £54

• Class 4 – Cars, light vans up to 3,000kg DGW (Design Gross Weight) and motorhomes up to 4,000kg (but subject to width and length restrictions below)

• Class 7 – Vans up to 3,500kg DGW

• We test on a lift, so can accommodate vehicles up to 5.15m (16ft 10ins) wheelbase, 2.13m (7ft) width wheel to wheel and 3.95m (13ft) total max width

• Motorhome testing for most UK manufacturers (including Hymer)

• Free retests within the allowed period

• We’ll always try our best on minor failures such as bulbs and headlight alignment to repair them at the end of the test : PRS “Pass with Rectification at Station,” but this will always be subject to the tester’s view and time available.

• Timing Belt / Cambelt

• When it comes to servicing your vehicle, timing belt / cambelt replacement is essential and one of the most important serviceable parts of your vehicle’s engine. The timing belt / cambelt has an extremely important job controlling the camshafts within the engine and allows it to run smoothly, if left unchanged and it breaks, the repair bill can be very expensive.

It is important to know the change interval of your timing belt / cambelt as if you exceed the manufacturers’ recommendation it can lead to a slipped or snapped belt. In many cases this requires a new engine or engine build costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Your vehicle’s timing belt / cambelt is a crucial component. It controls the order and frequency in which the engine’s valves open and close, as well as delivering power to the ancillary systems. Timing belts / cam belts can become damaged or snap if they’ve been operating for a while with incorrect tension.


Nowadays, the average vehicle utilises around 20 onboard computers and controllers to control just about every aspect of your vehicle, from engine valve timings to cabin climate control. This also includes critical safety systems such as ABS, airbags and dashboard instruments. If something goes wrong with the electronics then this could equate to a significant financial cost to you. We've invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that any issues are accurately identified; saving you money and preventing any unnecessary part replacements.

Why Choose Us?

• Cutting edge diagnostic equipment

• Fully trained technicians with a wealth of experience

• Accurate identification of potential issues

You needn't worry about forking out for every part available in a blind effort to find the issue. Our technicians will ensure that electronic problems are quickly identified and resolved, so that you only pay for the part that caused the issue. 

Air Conditioning System Re-Gas

Over time your car or van’s air conditioning system will lose a small amount of its refrigerant, typically it can be up to 15%. This loss causes the air conditioning to significantly reduce its capability to cool the interior of your car or van properly.

Air Conditioning System Service

Air conditioning systems that have been looked after and maintained properly not only cool the car or van’s interior, but also reduce air moisture levels and this in turn helps to defog interior windows. In addition, a maintained air conditioning system will help to remove any nasty odours. 

New 1234YF Air Conditioning Gas

It is important to realise that the new 1234YF gas has lower greenhouse warming potential than the old air conditioning gas, which means that it is much more environmentally friendly. However, and it is worth noting, the new 1234YF gas is significantly more expensive than the old type of gas.

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